This blog is about loving food.  Some have said I am food crazy but I say, “I am just crazy about food.”  I am the person at the farmers market or produce department who is caressing the seasonal treasures, marveling over their color, texture and taste, gushing about the possibilities of taking these products and transforming them into culinary delights.  I want to know that my food is seasonal, comes from as close to home as possible and that it is raised with care and purpose to keep it natural and chemical free.

I have been a culinary student since I was a child in my grandmother’s kitchen.  It was there I learned to respect food and prepare it with love.  It was there I learned the joy of cooking, eating and sharing food with others.  Preparing a meal for someone is like presenting them with a beautiful handmade gift from the heart.  What a treat!

My love of sharing food led me to be a culinary instructor, a job I have enjoyed for over 12 years.  In the blog as well as in my classes, I present recipes; some old, some new, seasonal and global.  I rant about growing and using fresh herbs, food safety, feeding children, and whatever else might be on my mind at the time.  In addition, I love to talk about some of my favorite restaurants, food spots and sources of fine products.

Join me on this culinary journey.  It promises to be a delicious ride.

You too can be kitchen royalty!


2 responses to “About

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  2. Mynette John Steele

    What a great cook you must be! And a good writer also. Hazel Latshaw would be proud! Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the reunion next year.

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