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Parsley Salad—It’s Not Just for Garnish Anymore

For years when one thought of parsley you thought of the green sprig of curly stuff that you shoved aside on your plate.  Rarely was it eaten unless it was incorporated in a sauce or somehow in a dish where it … Continue reading

“Mayo-Less” Egg Salad

  When I was  young child, Easter meant a new dress, fancy hat,  and church shoes (often patent leather Mary Jane’s).  In addition, there was the gathering of family centered around food, egg hunts and those coveted chocolate bunnies.  I … Continue reading

Potato Salad Makeover

The heat of summer begs for water activities and picnics, requiring lighter fare and old standards.  For many that may be hot dogs, burgers, chicken or other grilled meats but I am always more focused on the sides.  Seasonal fruits … Continue reading

Quinoa Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

With Halloween behind us and November staring us in the face, it is safe to say the holiday season has officially begun.  Two invitations to parties so far and I am already thinking of suitable recipes for dishes that are … Continue reading

Potato Salad w Grilled Octopus

Spain is known for its national dish of paella, a saffron-flavored rice combined with a variety of meats and shellfish, but that is just one of many delectable preparations that make up Spanish cuisine.  I have been fortunate to visit this vibrant … Continue reading

Summer Salad Makes a Meal

Throughout my childhood there were two items that were ever-present on the family dinner table.  Fresh salad, that always wore a dress of homemade vinaigrette, and crusty bread.  They were there year round regardless of the evening’s menu.  It was a given.  The salad would … Continue reading

Almond Tabbouleh Salad—Classic w/ a Twist

Recently I was invited to a potluck picnic and I was trying to decide what dish to make.  As usual, I looked to my garden for inspiration.  There were herbs, parsley and refreshing mint, as well as sweet and juicy sun gold … Continue reading

The Art of Simple Food

Quality fresh ingredients prepared simply has long been the backbone of farm fresh cooking.  With the gaining popularity of fast food many in the United States have veered dramatically from these roots and lost sight of where  and how our food is … Continue reading

Chili Gremolata w/ Roasted Shrimp

Today marked the first day of garden season for us.  The warmer weather has birthed the daffodils, crocus and all the beauties that wait patiently underground for the caress of the sun.  Soon we will be feasting on asparagus for … Continue reading

Garlic Flan

Are you a garlic lover?  The month of July is typically when we harvest our garlic in this part of the country but this year harvest time was about a month early.  After a hearty harvest one is left with the … Continue reading