For each new morning with its light

For rest and shelter of the night

For health and food, for the love of friends

For everything Thy goodness sends.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am extremely grateful for the time spent with friends and family on Thanksgiving and the weekend that followed. I must admit, however, it left me wanting/needing rest and quiet.  I was in dire need of “pajama” day(s) by the time the last dish was washed and stashed away.  Let’s face it, it might be fun to host the big holiday dinner but it is also a lot of work, requiring time for planning, shopping, preparation and fulfilling the duties that dictate good manners and hospitality.   That said, very little creative cooking has been going on here of late.  Leftovers long gone, rich stock has been made from the turkey carcass and now the focus turns to the traditions of the next holiday.  My goal is to carry in my heart the feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving throughout the holiday season and beyond.  I hope you will make this a goal for yourself as well.  Collectively, we will make the world a kinder place for all.  IMG_3278

It was one of those PJ days and I just finished putting a fresh batch of yogurt in to incubate and am feeling good about the accomplishment.  Sitting in my house watching as the sun streamed through a prism hung on the window creating a spray of rainbows,  I was struck at how beautiful my house looked as it was washed in sun creating shadows and a general feeling of good will.  I picked up my camera and began discovering the beauty in the simple things.  You are invited to come with me on this journey.  I hope I captured the feeling of the moment as well as the beauty that surrounds us daily.  It is great to take time to really appreciate it.





Welcome to Grandmother's House

Welcome to Grandmother’s House








In addition to cooking and creating in my kitchen, I like to engage in a little whimsy.  This week, a new critter came to live here and has been placed strategically so she can protect my stove.  Her name is pepper.  Seeming lonely, I introduced pepper to a frog friend who has been living in my bathroom, her name is salt.  Now they stand as protectors in partnership.




IMG_9749They are low maintenance.

Nothing wrong with whimsy.  Big hit with the kids.


Sometimes we get so busy and preoccupied that we forget to have fun.  More importantly, we forget to be thankful for our many blessings.  It was the quiet after the holiday storm that was most helpful in assisting me to see the beauty of my life.  Quiet often allows the inner voice to speak the loudest and with the greatest conviction.

Zahra and grandpa peeling potatoes.

Zahra and grandpa peeling potatoes.

As I sit here, I am smelling my Nonnie’s braised rabbit as it quietly does time and cooks, low and  slow.  All my senses are alive and I am grateful to those who made me and loved enough to pass it on.  I hope you will take time in your busy lives to reflect on your blessings and to keep spreading the love, one dish at a time.  I send my love and gratitude out to all of you today and everyday.  Until next time,  Jeanne



11 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Such a good Thankful Thanksgiving for both of us! Loved the Blog Post!

  2. Nice. Love the rainbow picture!


  3. Beautiful!! Love your new critters!!

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  4. Jeanne, thank you for your beautiful thoughts and photos. “Simply” wonderful! Glad to hear you treated yourself to a PJ Day… good for you! Wishing you & yours a joyous Christmas, xo.

  5. Elizabeth Palmer

    I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude at year’s end too. It is fortunate to be contented with life and receive one’s blessings. This was a lovely essay, Jeanne. Thanks, and peace and joy to you in this season of hope.

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth. We must all be reminded occasionally of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season and may we all have good health throughout 2016. I have immense amount of gratitude for your readership and thoughtful comments. Sending you love. Jeanne

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