Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich


With all the hoopla about “gluten-free” diets these days, I shudder to think about my life without bread.  I have a special fondness for an artisan loaf with a crispy crust, soft interior and fabulous flavor.  In my opinion. nothing fills that bill better that a beautifully crafted baguette (bag-EHT).  A baguette is a French bread that has been formed into a narrow cylindrical loaf using a basic lean dough (little or no fat content) defined by French law.  In my area of the world there are several bakeries that have mastered this art and although I have often made them in my kitchen, I have found it difficult to recreate the heralded crust in my home oven.  That said, I most often make a trip to the bakery.  One of my favorites is a loaf made by the Madison Sourdough CompanyIMG_9563I believe it was my time living in San Francisco that made me a sourdough convert for life.  The added tanginess give it another dimension that dance on the taste buds and sing a happy tune.  That makes me a happy girl.IMG_9572

There is a down side to this taste treat, however.  How do you keep it from going stale if you have leftovers?  I may have found a product that helps keep it fresh for at least a few more days.  IMG_9580Remember when I introduced you to Bees Wrap?   Well, I have since discovered they make a larger sheet with dimensions (14″x26″) that fit the average baguette.  I found it locally at our natural foods coop but it is also available at specialty stores and online.  It is sustainable food storage that works and I think you will love it!

Since bread is an essential element for a sandwich, it was the following recipe that sent me to the bakery in search of the perfect canvas for my creation.  I am really fond of the balance provided by the combination of ingredients presented here.  Using a high quality tuna (packed in olive oil) is key to achieving maximum flavor.  The salsa verde (green sauce) in place of mayo or other traditional spreads, paired with the peppery arugula and graced with a softly cooked egg take it over the top.  The use of the Serrano chile is certainly optional, but used sparingly, it adds just a touch of heat.


Here is how it went down in my kitchen.

MEDITERRANEAN TUNA SANDWICH                               Serves 4

Recipe by David Tanis

For the salsa verde :

  • 1 cup Italian parsley leaves, washed and dried
  • ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more as needed
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • ¼ cup roughly chopped green olives, such as Castelvetrano
  • 3 or 4 anchovy fillets, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon chopped capers
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Pinch of crushed red pepper
  • Salt and pepper

For the sandwich:

  • 1 baguette or 4 ciabatta rolls
  • Handful of lettuce leaves, arugula or watercress (I used arugula)
  • 8 ounces best quality oil packed tuna, drained, in large chunks
  • 4 hard-boiled eggs (see note)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 serrano chile, thinly sliced, optional
  1. Make the salsa verde: Whiz parsley leaves and 1/2 cup oil in a food processor or blender to a pesto-like consistency, then transfer to a small bowl. (Alternatively, chop parsley by hand and combine with oil.) Add garlic, chopped olives, anchovies, capers, lemon zest and red pepper to parsley mixture and stir well. Season with salt if necessary and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Thin with more oil as desired.
  2. Cut baguette crosswise into 4 equal pieces, then split each lengthwise with a serrated knife. (If using rolls, split each lengthwise.) For each sandwich, lay bread flat, crust side down. Spread cut sides with 2 tablespoons salsa verde. Put a few lettuce leaves on 1 piece of bread and arrange 2 ounces of tuna over lettuce. Top tuna with 1 egg, quartered. Season egg lightly with salt and pepper. Add sliced serrano chile, if using. Drizzle with a little more salsa verde, then press sandwich closed.

NOTE: This is the recipe that inspired my creation.  I changed it up a bit by making my eggs a softer cook (boil water, add eggs, cook 8 minutes remove and place in ice water).  Also, I used arugula for its robust flavor and added a thin shave of radish for yet another layer of flavor, color and a pinch more love.

You can see the love in this sandwich.

You can see the love in this sandwich.

All the food groups are represented here so this filling and satisfying sandwich can serve as a complete meal.  Whether served for lunch, dinner or game day snack, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Don’t like tuna?  Try substituting chunked chicken breast (cooked of course, seasoned and tossed in a little olive oil).  Whatever your pleasure, we all know the secret ingredient is love, so whatever you choose to make, keep spreading it, one dish at a time.

A reminder to “fall back” if you haven’t done it already.  Don’t want you running late.  Wishing you all a joyful November.  Until next time, sending love from my kitchen to yours.  Jeanne

12 responses to “Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich

  1. This looks delicious, but since I’m not a tuna fan, I would take your suggestion and make it with chicken. The heart-shaped radish made for such a cute presentation. I think sourdough bread is best when sliced thick and toasted. Yum.

    • I put the info about substituting chicken just for you, Terri. Knowing you don’t like runny yolks, you need to cook the egg a little longer. Hope to see you soon. Sending love, Jeanne

  2. This looks and sounds so delicious. I plan on making it real soon! Yummy!

  3. Patti Bendoritis

    This looks and reads ‘DELICIOUS’ Jeanne. Want to dive right in a take a big bite. Yum indeed ❤

  4. Jeanne—great sandwich! Love your heart radishes. I have all these ingredients at my store. I will post your recipe if that is OK. See you soon—Debi >

    • Hi Debi: You most certainly can publish the recipe. The heart radishes were an unexpected surprise of nature. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for your kind remarks. Love to you. Jeanne

  5. Elizabeth Palmer

    Sometimes only a tuna sandwich will do! I like your spin on it! I just recently started buying American, sustainably line-caught tuna from Oregon. I love the Ortiz brand, too, but thought I’d share a link to this in case some of your readers are interested:

    • Thanks for the tip on the tuna. I checked out the site and the products look good. I was intrigued by the smoked tuna in olive oil. Might have to try that. I am glad you shared the link. I agree that sometimes, a tuna sandwich is all that is on my mind. I will let you know about the products I order from American tuna. Lots of kitchen love, Jeanne

  6. Jeanne, your idea of using softer cooked eggs adds a whole new dimension to the ol’ tuna sandwich — love that. Glad you mentioned Castelvetrano olives… a lil’ Italian grocery near here carries them every fall. I need to go there NOW! Cute radish “hearts”, too, to ‘spread the love.’ 🙂

  7. Hi Kim: The softer egg adds moisture and creaminess. I have had some difficulty finding the olives. I had to use a substitute but it was still delicious. The sweet radishes were just a little unexpected surprise from nature, Good bread and good tuna are essential. Hope you like it. Let me know. Thanks for your comments. Always appreciate your remarks. 70 degrees here today. Sandals in November. What? That will change soon. Sunny love your way. Jeanne

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