The Kindness of Friends

Strawberries are here!

Strawberries are here!

We are fortunate on so many levels to have supportive friends.  There have been many times when I questioned whether I could make it through difficult times if it were not for the generosity of others.  That can take many forms; a listening  ear, a compassionate heart, a shoulder for crying, a hand to hold or as I like to say, spreading the love through food.  I believe people as a whole are generous and want to lend a helping hand when they can.  Many times, however, they just don’t know how or are afraid of intruding.  These past few weeks with our kitchen in various stages of disrepair, people have demonstrated just how kind and thoughtful they can be.  Last week we were invited to dinner by a couple we have known for a while but have spent little time with socially.  The invitation was a surprise and we willingly accepted.  We were served a delicious dinner of Greek-style chicken and salad with a lovely composition of seasonal fruit dressed in a very light but flavorful ricotta topping laced with vanilla and orange.  Yum! I will be making that through the summer.  In addition to the food we had a very enjoyable evening getting to know each other better, hearing about each others lives, families and interests.  Their adorable home is alive with color, including the “fiesta ware” which graced the table, a love we all have in common.  The living spaces have many personal touches taking on their personalities and making it truly their own.  So fun to share.   A few days later we sat at the table of very good friends where we commiserated about politics, aging, philosophy of life, our dogs and a myriad of other things over bowls of the most delicious garlic soup I have ever tasted (recipe to follow when back in business), roasted salmon over mustard greens, also delicious, and finished with fine chocolates and glasses of port.  We didn’t solve the world’s problems but it was so fun to share the love with friends.  It was a satisfying evening all around.  As if that wasn’t enough kindness, tonight we are dining at the home of some other friends promising shrimp etouffee, one of my favorites, lively conversation and many laughs.  Can’t wait.  We are blessed to know so much generosity in our lives and are grateful for the thoughtfulness while experiencing the war zone we now call our kitchen.

Refrigerator, Wall oven Microwave

Refrigerator, Wall oven Microwave

Speaking of, if I had to describe it (the kitchen) in one word it would be “holes.”  We have  many of them awaiting the arrival of the new appliances.  This week there was much accomplished but not much visible to the naked eye.  Plumbing, electrical, and some finish carpentry setting the stage for future developments.  Necessary, but not as sexy as last week when we saw the evolution of the new cabinets.

The existing butcher block counters slated to be refinished last Friday got delayed until tomorrow and the appliances are on the calendar to be delivered and installed Wednesday.  If all goes accordingly I should have more exciting visuals to share next time.

Butcher Block

Butcher Block




Sink, Dishwasher

Sink, Dishwasher


Meanwhile, we have been eating a lot of impromptu salads and simple preparations such as my latest creation made of this wonderful cheese given to me by my dear friend (the creator of the above mentioned garlic soup and roasted salmon), and topped with avocado.  Served on toasted rye bread, it has been my go to lunch for several days. photo

Simple Food

Simple Food

This whole process has definitely been made easier by the generosity of others.  May blessings be bestowed upon all of you many fold.  I am continually reminded how much we need each other in both good times and bad.  We are blessed and I promise I will soon repay you with something from the heart made in my new kitchen.  I haven’t been doing much cooking lately but I do hope you are taking advantage of the seasonal harvest and spreading your love to those around you, one dish at a time.  Meanwhile I am eating strawberries and sending the sweet love to you from our room of holes.  Jeanne




5 responses to “The Kindness of Friends

  1. Rebecca Brunot


    I’m sure you’ve been a wonderful and generous friend to many, certainly to me. So nice when the good energy comes back to you.

    Kitchen looks like it’s going to be beautiful!

    Lots of love and big hugs,

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. You have also been the most wonderful friend to me. Thanks for your love and comments, Jeanne

  3. You have been, and still are a wonderful generous friend to me for many years. Making dinner for you was certainly a pleasure for me!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Cathy, We did appreciate your thoughtfulness and good cooking along with the splendid company and conversation. Thanks again. Sending love, Jeanne

  5. Jeanne, I got stuck on the garlic soup and roasted salmon at first glance… 😉 Re-read your post twice to let your loving thoughts sink in, and what marvelous thoughts they were! You’re so right… supportive friends add meaning and joy to our lives, whether we solve the world’s problems or not (while we’re sinking our teeth into some mighty fine food, I might add.) Yet those moments are the catalysts that bring about change — or help us endure it! Best wishes on filling in the ‘holes!’

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