Opening of Farmers Market


The time has come to celebrate!  After whining all winter about the frightful weather, I owe a big shout out to the area where I live.  Saturday marked the opening of the Dane County Farmers Market outdoor season.  This may not seem like such a monumental event if you live in San Diego or any town in Florida but here in the Midwest it is reason to rejoice.  The sun draped a welcome warmth and brightness to the affair.  There was an air of gaiety and celebration as the community came together to honor the season and the bounty it represents.  I was struck by how this event really reflects the spirit of Madison, WI.  Besides being the capital of our fine state it is a city that has a unique energy.  At this gathering, people of all walks of life come together to support the largest producer only farmers market in the country.  They buy the food, sign political petitions, eat from the food carts, listen to music, people watch and relish in the bounty of America’s heartland.  I took my camera in hopes of capturing the moment.  Come with me, the joy is contagious!

IMG_6709 IMG_6696

The vegetables may not be in abundance yet but there is still a selection of goodies.

Flowers      IMG_6426 IMG_6539IMG_6507





Locally Produced      IMG_6546

IMG_6463IMG_6577IMG_6542 Seasonal Offerings






Attractions & People Watching








City of Bicycles










Politics & Public InformationIMG_6617











Street MusiciansIMG_6638




IMG_6698IMG_6629Food CartsIMG_6622








Arts & CraftsIMG_6641    I hope I have captured the soul of this great city.  Over 160 vendors attend this market every week and bring the products of their labor and love.  If you are not from this area I would urge you to plan a visit and take a stroll around the capital building where this amazing event takes place every Saturday.  This is where the quality conscious chefs and most discerning consumers shop for their products and soak up a little local color.  In this area, spreading the love starts here.

11 responses to “Opening of Farmers Market

  1. Love the photos. Great shots!

  2. Oh my goodness, now I have to go! You’ve convinced me!

    • That was the idea, I love the market so much. Even the little local markets are exciting. Thanks for your comments. I will write about market finds w/ recipes as the season progresses. Keep reading and keep those comments coming. Love to hear from you. Jeanne

  3. Patti Bendoritis

    A nice job capturing the all around flavor of the market Jeanne. Missed the 1st one but heading there this Saturday to soak up the atmosphere and p/u some local goodies.

    • Thanks Patti: The first market was so exciting I had to write about it, I love how the market evolves with the season as well. I will frequent the market as summer progresses and perhaps do another post in the fall. Thanks for your comments. Jeanne

  4. Thanks, Sarah. I was hoping to capture the flavors.

  5. I loved this, Jeanne! My aunt and uncle live in Mineral Point not too far from you and are always raving about the local produce and artisan products. Looks wonderful and your pictures really capture it. Oh and what I would do for some if those cheese curds over here in London!!

    • Thank you so much, Sally Jane. I was really hoping to capture the vibrancy of the market and the sprit of Madison. We get excited here in the spring anticipating all the wonderful fresh produce and farm wonders that await. Cheese curd are really popular here. I wish they would travel to London but alas, I am afraid not. I know you love the markets as much as I so come to visit especially if you have family here! I will meet you at the market and personally buy you the best “squeaky” curds. Thanks again for your kind words. Jeanne

  6. Elizabeth Palmer

    Loved your photo essay, Jeanne! We were there last Saturday, as well. It was a little chilly when we were there at 7:30am, but we’ve seen snow for some of the season openers in years past. For my husband and me, it is our standing weekly “date,” and has been for many years. Welcome spring!

  7. Thanks, Elizabeth. I really tried to capture the spirit of Madison and this grand event, I didn’t get there until 10 and things were really hopping by then. Finally the daffodils are blooming. I think we made it. Thanks again for your kind words and comments, Jeanne

  8. Hooray for Farmers Markets and Spring and for your fabulous write-up, Jeanne — I could “feel” the excitement looking at your photos! I also got pretty het up about squeaky cheese curds. 🙂

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