It Pays To Bring Your Bags to Trader Joes!

Do you shop at Trader Joes?  If you do, you know they have an incentive program for shoppers who bring their own grocery bags.  I will take a moment to brag and say, I am quite good at remembering to do this.  The back of my car looks like a bag store as I keep accumulating these reusables and always have them with me.  Something in my gut turns flip-flops when I see people with carts full of plastic.  The statistics regarding the amount of these bags in our landfill is appalling.  I have said for quite a while that stores need to start charging for plastic and paper to encourage shoppers to be more aware of their contribution to the waste.  There are some areas in our country that are more environmentally conscious than others and have passed laws banning their use.  I applaud them.  Some retailers have also taken it upon themselves by providing a variety of incentives for those who bring their own.  This brings me back to Trader Joes whose program involves filling out a ticket every time you shop with your reusable.  The ticket goes into a large fishbowl and a drawing is held monthly.  Those people who are lucky enough to have their names drawn win a bag full of TJ’s products!  The bag, of course is—-reusable! 

I have been the happy recipient of this prize, not once but twice in the past year or so.  Can you believe it?  Of course, I would rather it have been Publishers Clearinghouse or the lottery but I admit to being quite thrilled when I received the calls that I was in fact one of the months lucky winners.

I wholeheartedly congratulate TJ’s, other retailers, local governments and individuals who are making a statement regarding caring for Mother Earth.  It is an honorable effort and I ask that we all do our part.  We owe it to ourselves, our children, our planet. Remember to bring your bags.  Reduce, reuse and recycle! 


4 responses to “It Pays To Bring Your Bags to Trader Joes!

  1. Quick – go buy a lottery ticket!

  2. Amen, I wholeheartedly agree. Now if we can just get the local stores to be more appreciative of the people who bring in their own canvas bag. Get on the band wagon, Pig Wig. Do your part.!

  3. Good job Jeanne! Good to hear you are lucky too as well as enviornmentally conscious. You mentioned the land fills, but also the oceans — filled with treacherous plastic bags. We are FINALLY getting a Trader Joe’s here! Yay!

  4. Queen Jeanne, I don’t see any Two Buck Chuck in your pics! Tip for the day: Never carry your wine bottles in flimsy plastic bags. Jeanne, your blog was a good reminder to all of us. Thanks.

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