The Secret Ingredient

I have recently been confronted with some health issues which required a rather invasive surgery and hence a rather slow recovery time.  I have been told to embrace the tortoise (slow and steady)  and keep my eye on the prize which in this case is the day when my strength and energy return and life is back to “normal.”   I am making my way down that road.

I have always believed there are lessons to be learned from every situation handed to us through life no matter how good or how challenging.  Throughout this ordeal I have thought  about this and I have learned more than I can adequately put into words.  First of all, life can suck sometimes and there is no way to avoid it.  If you look around you will see there are always others worse off than you.  Feeling sorry for yourself is very non-productive and an energy zapper.  The nurses and care staff I met on this journey have said many times the importance of keeping positive and the impact it has on the effectiveness of treatment.  I believe this to be true.

Your life is only as good as your health allows you to enjoy it.  Efforts put into healthy eating and lifestyle will pay off.  Does that mean you will never be faced with a health concern?  Of course not but it does mean when you are you will be stronger in your ability to confront adversity and overcome it.

Maybe the most important lesson is never underestimate the value of friends and family.  A good support system can make a profound difference in your life as you carry on through both the good and bad.  I cherish my dear friends, family and followers who continue to support me and are my life line.  Besides the cards, flowers, notes, calls, food and well wishes they bring a secret ingredient to the table.  There is no substitute for it in this recipe.  It is essential and life without it is sorely lacking.  It is like cooking with no salt or seasoning.  It is the same food but lacks depth and flavor.   This ingredient is love.  Sounds simple but it is really complex.  It is the ingredient that makes the words in the note or card more meaningful, the flowers more beautiful, the food more nourishing and flavorful and every gesture no matter how big or how small a precious treasure.

I have always tried to be a good friend as I believe you reap what you sow but this experience has reminded me to try even harder.  Love has a way a growing and expanding each time we reach out.

Many times I have written in cookbooks I have given as gifts, “food prepared with love, nourishes both the body and soul.”  I firmly believe this to be true so my dear friends, family, and followers I urge you to spread the love as you cook your way through life.  It is like a boomerang, it will return to you.  I promise.

I am sending love to all of you now with another promise that I am on my way back.  Keep checking as the kitchen is calling me.


8 responses to “The Secret Ingredient

  1. Dear Queen Jean,
    I am so sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal. I’m glad that you are healing and keeping a positive attitude. It is not always easy to do so, so I admire your tenacity! Mike and I always keep you and your Mike in our thoughts and hope we can get together soon! Holly P. 🙂

  2. Here’s some more love at ya! Soooooo glad to hear of your great new test results!

  3. Dear Girl,
    You have said it all….love. You have received so much love, because you give us so much love. Looking forward to a pedicure date….keep improving!

  4. What a beautiful post, Dear One. And I am sending lots of secret ingredient to you. I’d be cooking it into your food if I was there, but from here it is sent as energy, vibrations, prayers. . . love. Such a beautiful post. Love you, Your very long time friend,

  5. I don’t know if you’re a better cook or writer! Either way, you’re a beautiful friend. Gorgeous post today. I’m sendin’ you the love, girl. Get well.

  6. carolyn schneider

    wow–jeanne–a beautiful vision of the larger world—and i am so glad you are in the healing zone and radiating that love. many embraces over cyberspace.

  7. Stephanie Gunderson

    You just have a way with everyone thing you do that is warm and touching and inspires us to be better…better cooks and better selves. I so hope that you are feeling better. xo

  8. Love is such a powerful healer! We are all sending you oodles and oodles! You dear, radiate it back in such a powerful and gentle way – thank you. xoxo

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